Tonight’s NCIS episode, “Enemy on the Hill,” (originally run on 10/11/11) starts out with a bang, grabbing our attention. Can you imagine trying to avoid a reporter’s questions only to be hit by a van? However, sympathies for the victim are quickly extinguished when we discover he is a contract killer. His next target is a Lieutenant Commander who is a Legislative Fellow on Capitol Hill, by all accounts a hero. But is he really?

Sometimes we suspect NCIS is spying on us and our writing for ideas. Why? David served as a Congressional Fellow for two years in Washington, D.C., and walked the same halls as the Naval attaché. Also in our latest thriller, The Joshua Covenant, CIA Agent Bo Rider discovers new family secrets, just as Abby did tonight. For those of you with a hankering to read a story about kidney donations, check out our second thriller Confirming Justice.

Some of you may know that the woman whose picture is in Abby’s locket is Pauley Perrette’s (Abby) mother who died in 2002. Watch for more about Abby and her brother in the upcoming season. He looks so much like her, but Daniel Louis Rivas is not her brother. In fact he is Pauley’s former boyfriend in real life, who people mistook for her brother. What fun.

As for the investigation into the contract hit, Tony seemed at the top of his game, slicing in new evidence like a boxer with a strong left hook. McGee offered many funny lines, but wore a pouty face when Tony stayed one step ahead of him. Guess what guys? You are both “Special NCIS Agents.” Gibbs acted distracted by Abby’s issues and Ziva allowed herself to be locked in the stairwell, which is so unlike her usual laser-like focus. To top off the stunning conclusion, Gibbs is there for Abby in her distress. We appreciate how he tells her that she is not alone. “Abby, you have a family. We’ll help you through it!”

Bottom line … aren’t we NCIS fans a part of their family? As we meet men and women across this great land, we are struck by the genuine connection we have with those who also love the show. It’s a curious phenomenon. If you could meet any member of the cast, who would it be and why? For all who make a comment we will enter you in a drawing for our soon-to-be released thriller, “Night Flight.” We will randomly pick two winners from all who comment by 8 p.m., 7/11/12.

Stay tuned and be Blessed!
Diane and David