We have some great news for NCIS fans. Michael Weatherly, Pauley Perrette, and Sean Murray have each signed contracts to reappear on NCIS this fall! The whole team will be together once again for another two years. Season 9’s last episode ended with a bang—NCIS Headquarters is blown up. So with the crew all signing contracts and returning, the primary cast must survive.
Now for our critique of “Safe Harbor” that originally aired on 10/18/11. Were any of you surprised by the twists and turns? Consider how the Lebanese father lies to Gibbs, over and over again, professing his innocence only to be conspiring with his young son to kill as many Americans as possible. Based on our years of dealing with criminals (David nailed ’em and Diane jailed ’em) we both thought this too-slick father was hiding something.
Abby discovers the truth in time. She analyzes the substance on Tony’s pants, finding the white gunk is not laundry soap, but glycerin capable of blowing up the entire Norfolk harbor. While the father stokes hatred in his youngest son, the mother demonstrates forgiveness just as Christ does in his attitude for those who crucified him. Isn’t it interesting how Ziva and the mother find common ground despite their differences? We find this show well written show with realistic dialogue.
We enjoyed Gibbs’ response to Ziva when she asks him if he is lonely. “One doesn’t get lonely when they have kids”. Then he kisses her forehead, saying, “See you later, kid.” This is more proof that his kids are the team he leads. As we mentioned last week, Agent Boren will return next season and we wonder how her relationship with Gibbs will develop: teammates or something else? We’d love to know what you think.
For last week’s contest, we have three winners: Teresa, Deb, and Martha. We have sent an e-mail to all of the winners and have not heard back from Martha. Our new thriller, “Night Fight”, releases in a few weeks.
Be Blessed,
Diane and David