Psy Ops anyone? NCIS writers are setting off many fireworks this season, with four episodes relating directly to each other. “Rekindled” lit the fuse, revealing how Tony’s saving a child from a burning building leads to him becoming a Baltimore cop. In “Playing with Fire”, the explosive plot continues where Leroy Jethro Gibbs leads the team to stop the monster who sets fires on Navy ships using thermite. Ducky is so moved when a decorated lieutenant is killed that he changes his will leaving his estate to the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation. Such tender moments in the midst of death and pain keep us and other viewers watching the highest rated show on TV.
The latest episode, “Up In Smoke”, volleys smoke down a long and tortuous hall of mirrors. The microchip in Dorneget’s tooth seems like a total red herring, but is it? How will the replica of Gibbs’ boat, Kelly figure in to the resolution? Dr. Ryan doodled a boat on a paper napkin, later showing Gibbs a drawing made by her son. Okay, is her son one and the same as Dearing’s departed son? How deep is the connection between Ryan and Dearing?
We viewers are left with a myriad of questions that may or may not be resolved in the May 15th finale, “Til Death Do Us Part.” Gibbs conveys our angst with Dr. Ryan as he questions her original tip, asking why she can’t ever be a regular person. Mr. Gibbs, you are beginning to catch on. In the recent episode, Director Vance is missing, perhaps even kidnapped. No doubt, the finale will be a blast and we plan to catch every clue in solving this tinderbox of Navy ships, Navy families, and Naval Criminal Investigators. Will Vance return or will NCIS have a new Director next season? It is up to Gibbs to solve this complex web of deceit, Phantom 8, microchips, and exploding Navy ships. Remember the ship Cape Fear blew up just as Navy personnel raced up in a rubber boat? We wonder if this is all connected somehow. What do you think?
Be Blessed,
Diane and David