After airing reruns, NCIS finally presents viewers with exceptional drama. The well written and produced episode, “Playing with Fire,” has Mark Harmon in top form tracking terrorists. How fabulous to see NCIS Special Agents doing what they really do aboard Navy ships. Many of you may feel as David does. Too many good novels and NCIS shows depend upon prequels and sequels, which makes it hard when episodes do not run in order. A summary of past events preceded tonight’s episode: A vendor is furnishing the government with faulty and dangerous electrical wiring, creating explosions on Navy ships.
As usual these NCIS co-workers who’ve become family to each other, are sticking their noses into each other’s business. McGee’s seasickness on the USS Brewer makes us laugh, as does Tony’s constant poking into Ziva’s weekend plans. Ducky asserting Gibbs drinks “tea dust” is a hoot. Tony and Ziva’s trip to Italy raises the stakes as another Special Agent puts his life on the line. When an innocent lieutenant dies, that is no laughing matter. As we write this blog, our country’s finest soldiers are in harm’s way across the globe. Our prayers go out for them and their families.
Ducky is also concerned. The dead sailor’s children haunt him and he wants to create a fund for their college. His exact plans are left hazy. Perhaps the writers are saving a surprise. Suspense escalates in the final two scenes. It is eerie when Gibbs is cleaning his gun to Abby shuffling into the lab. His rushing out foreshadow his mission to exact justice. Then he hustles into the squad room where everyone is standing. Making Harper Dearing the most wanted, Gibbs won’t stop until he stops Dearing’s mad pursuit to kill.
The how and why may be revealed next week. Stay tuned.
Be Blessed,
Diane and David