We start with a warning. Be careful to not watch the second installment of Shell Shock which will air on November 20 until you’ve first watched this November 13th episode.
Tonight’s episode of Shell Shock (Part 1) is another one of the great ones. While on leave in Washington, DC, USMC Capt. Joe Westcott experiences flashbacks from an encounter with terrorists in Afghanistan and afterwards with his friend and subordinate Lt. Torres. When Torres is found brutally beaten, Capt. Westcott has no memory of what happened. One suspect is cleared of any wrongdoing and released, after it’s discovered Capt. Westcott assaulted him without basis or warning. Gibbs and a Navy doctor determine the Captain suffers from PTSD. We still don’t know who killed Lt. Torres and why. What is the meaning of I J I?
Gibbs makes it his personal mission to help Westcott, a fellow Marine. Ducky encourages him to get into his mind and at first Gibbs is reluctant. But the more he and his team piece together the evidence, the more Gibbs reaches out to Westcott, called “The General” by his team. Gibbs and Westcott share having lost loved ones. Has Gibbs made a wrong assumption? Part 2, being aired in next week’s episode may reveal the circumstances behind Westcott’s problems.
At the beginning of Season 10, the producer and writers said they would explore the relationships between the NCIS squad. Tonight they made a tremendous leap. Gibbs demonstrates his unique insight into a Marine with PTSD and his insistence in helping the Captain. Then in a tender moment, Ziva catches Tony looking through old photos. She expresses interest and Tony reveals a picture of his mother. Ziva casts off all of her negativity, showing compassion and concern for Tony as he discusses his childhood relationship with his mother. How about the electricity in that close up, yet platonic scene? They are close colleagues who survived a terror bombing. Shouldn’t that be the bond of a close friendship?
Happy Birthday to Cote de Pablo, who plays Ziva with such flair. She just turned 33 years old this week. Thank you for bringing your talent and beautiful smile to our TV screens and lives.
We hope all of you are staying tuned for the next chapter in our NCIS family.
Be Blessed,
Diane and David