In the second NCIS show of Season 10, the second episode since NCIS headquarters (HQ) was bombed by Harper Dearing at the end of Season 9, the team struggles to return to normal. The writers skillfully fashion suspense when Midge Watkins, an HQ armory staffer, is found dead in her submerged car. She was last seen leaving the bombed out Navy Yard four months ago. Our favorite NCIS squad investigates her death, while working through the emotional injuries they suffered from the blast.
Gibbs is his usual stoic self as he helps Abby deal with her frightening nightmares and insists Ducky remain off duty until cleared by his doctor. Like Gibbs, many NCIS viewers recall that last year Abby discovered her bio-brother working at a pet shop. When Gibbs thinks Abby needs family to help her recover, he suggests she tell her brother that they’re siblings. As we wrote in an earlier blog, we suspected this brother would return to the show and Tonight Abby informs Kyle of their “connection”. The writers accomplish the meeting artfully and tenderly.
Ducky is not handling being banished from NCIS at all well. After playing enough golf and lounging around, he is looking for any chance to poke his nose into the case. This riles Gibbs, who wants Ducky back “healthy”. Palmer feigns ineptness to justify asking Gibbs to call in Ducky to consult about Midge’s death. Gibbs willingly takes the bait, not realizing Palmer doesn’t truly need Ducky’s help. Dr. Mallard is astute and knows instantly that Palmer should have recognized the lesions. The two of them had worked on a similar case a few years ago. Ducky’s pride is stung. Will his pride go before another fall? We sure hope not.
Tony DiNozzo is so busy flirting with the Facilities Manager at HQ that he never even considers her as a possible killer. Unfortunately for Tony’s pride, he is shot down in front of Ziva and McGee by this “sport flirting” blond. After another diversion chasing down the armory staffer who owned the gun that killed Midge, the talented NCIS team discovers the evil villain is, you guessed it, the Facility Manager who Tony couldn’t stop bothering. His fixation on her seemed a bit crazy, yet perhaps, his obsession is part of his recovery. His suit, old fashioned tie with the silver clasp, and little white hankie in his pocket is surreal, but funny nonetheless.
A surprising faux pas surfaces when Dr. Wolf urges Leon not to blame himself for parking his bomb laden government car by HQ. Leon exclaims, “But I drove my car home, parked it in my driveway. I drove my children to school in that car.” Oops! Leon, you are toast. One regulation in government law enforcement, which will cause a Special Agent to be demoted or even fired, is using the Official Government Vehicle (OGV) for unofficial use. That includes driving their kids to school. Here’s a hint: If Gibbs or DiNozzo overheard Leon’s confession they can be assured of “Outstanding” annual evaluations for the rest of their careers.
The show’s theme is how the team recovers from the terrible event where their coworkers died. It reminds us of a day burned in our memories: September 11, 2001. We continue to pray for the survivors of those who died and for the families of our soldiers who gave their lives fighting for our freedoms. We do not take for granted these freedoms or our liberties.
Be Blessed,
Diane and David