Tonight’s NCIS episode is a hit! Fresh twists had us scratching our heads. Who is behind the killing of the chopper pilot? And why? Something smells like a rotten mackerel with the survivors. We love it when Diane Neal appears because she is an intense investigator who has a laser-like focus that is familiar. You might remember Diane as U.S. Coast Guard Special Agent Abigail Borin. She helped our favorite NCIS team last season in “Safe Harbor” and “Devil’s Triangle”.

Tony, Ziva, and McGee dubbed her a “perfect match” for Leroy Jethro Gibbs. As their relationship turns out, rather than a love interest, she is a perfect foil for the taciturn Gibbs. We vote to have her as a regular on the show. What do you think? McGee and DiNozzo were kibitzing about asking Borin out. What? Have these two guys lost all their fear of Gibbs? So this is proof Borin and Gibbs will be professional colleagues. Good. It must be that they’ve determined that Gibbs has no interest.

Now to the guts of the plot. The crew’s devious plan to sell a U.S. Navy helicopter goes awry when one of the crew member got cold feet and called in sick. A murder results and the cowardly crew try to blame the true hero. In his white coat and stethoscope draped around the nape of his neck, Ducky uses “covert prowess” to peek into the medical records of the survivors. What a fun scene as Gibbs is in awe of Ducky handing over an entry card for the secure area.

The building of the evidence is so realistic as Ducky finds the victim suffered from no trauma. Agent Borin and Abby find no sign of oil in the water she is testing. The helicopter wreckage is not found. Although the heartless crew tries to pin the crash on the deceased pilot, they are really to blame as they sold the helicopter. The crazy Australian Quinn supposedly bought it, but for what purpose? Will the missing chopper turn up in another show, having been sold again to terrorists?

This is the ultimate revelation of good vs. evil. May God help us push back the evil and raise up the good in people, in this nation, and around the world.

Be Blessed,
Diane and David Munson