As NCIS fans are waiting with baited breath to learn what happened to Gibbs and Company when a bomb explodes outside their office, the repeat of the next to the last episode of season nine, sets the stage for the upcoming bombing. For those fans that have not hidden their dislike of Dr. Samantha Ryan (Jamie Lee Curtis), it was another night of enduring her large presence. This was the third episode since the writers created Harper Dearing, the angry father of Lt. Evan Dearing who died in a terrorist bombing ten years earlier, who is determined to exact revenge on the Navy.

While this episode provided lots of excitement for eighteen million live viewers who watched the show in May, the critical viewer had put his/her brain in neutral as Harper Dearing single-handedly conducts surveillance of the entire NCIS squad, delivers cell phones in envelopes to the stings that Gibbs and company had in place, and kidnaps Director Vance. He is able to single-handedly hack into MTAC, repeatedly switch cell phones, and to produce a video of Gibbs and his squad trying to follow him, while making the NCIS squad look like idiots. Entertaining? Yes! Believable? Not to David, a former NCIS Special Agent.

It is all great theatre leading up to next week’s rerun of the Season Nine finale. Then just another week until we discover what the writers didn’t even know when they wrote the finale: Which actors signed contracts for Season Ten. Remember in the finale, the bomb blows up outside the lab where Gibbs is helping Abby. Ziva and Tony are trapped together in an elevator. Ducky is strolling along a Virginia beach after Jimmy’s wedding when he receives a cell phone call and is shocked to learn of the blast. He tells whoever calls him, not to move any of the bodies, until he can get there. So, if everyone signed new contracts, then who are the casualties? But now we know ALL the characters are returning. Recently, Michael Weatherly said in an interview that Season 10 will be the best one yet!

We plan to catch next week’s rerun of the Season Nine finale, “Till Death do us Part.”
Will you?

Be Blessed
Diane and David Munson