2013- Apr – 09 Critique of NCIS – “Chasing Ghosts”

This NCIS episode of Chasing Ghosts is a compelling story of a female Naval Reserve officer whose civilian husband disappears, the apparent victim of a kidnapping. This was a case for civilian Virginia police department investigation, but the writers often put the NCIS special agents where they do not normally go, just to bring us exciting shows. Did everyone notice the parallel circumstances of the strong female reserve officer determined to find out what happened to her husband, and Ziva’s quest for her father’s killer? She is on the hunt for Mossad’s Deputy Director Bodnar, whom she believes killed Eli David and Leon Vance’s wife Jackie.
Watch with interest how things develop in the remaining two upcoming episodes in Season 10: “Berlin” shows April 23rd and “Revenge” on April 30th. Also watch for the installation of Orli Elbaz as the new female director of Mossad, replacing Ziva’s late father.
It is so interesting to watch the dance that occurs between actors and producers of NCIS. Remember last year when some of the actors held out to the last minute, for a better deal. At the end of Season 9, the writers had NCIS headquarters bombed. That way, whoever failed to sign a new contract during the off season, would have been portrayed as having died in the explosion. As it worked out, the entire cast signed and all returned this past fall.
We reported recently that Cote de Pablo, the actor who plays Ziva David, is the only cast member who has not signed her contract for next season. Tonight, the Homeland Security Director (former NCIS Director) told Vance the CIA is tracking Bodnar and that Ziva shouldn’t get too close. The inference is that if the CIA assassinates Bodnar and Ziva is there, she could be killed too.
Suspense soars at the end of tonight’s show. Gibbs gives Ziva permission to pursue Bodnar in Rome. Vance tosses her a knowing nod as if to say, “Go get’em”. Gibbs also sends Di Nozzo with Ziva. The writers have set up a clever scenario in case Cote de Pablo does not sign on for Season 11. She may be killed off in her attempt to snare Bodnar. We hope she returns! And let us hope we find out before next fall. Rest assured, Tony Di Nozoa will be back in the fall, because Michael Weatherly has already signed his contract. Will Ziva survive her revenge against Bodnar? We thinketh it all depends on contract negotiations.
On a final note, we loved how Ducky is encouraging Jimmy to use all his investigative powers to psychoanalyze their suspects. And Tony gave us a chuckle. He is so shocked to find Tim at Ziva’s safe house with their double computers, tracking down Bodnar. We both laughed at his being left out of the loop. These days, light-hearted humor is a good thing.
Be Blessed,
Diane and David

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  1. Kate April 10, 2013 at 10:42 am - Reply

    So overall do you think NCIS the series takes too many liberties and makes the real Agency look stupid. The reason I am asking is there are two forums who really hated the episode and do not like the way the writers have been writing the show or the characters and are really hoping that CDP leaves the show.

    • danddmunson April 10, 2013 at 12:21 pm - Reply

      Kate: Thanks for your question. The answer is Yes and No. The show does take liberties with the way things are done in the real NCIS. If they didn’t take such liberties, none of us would watch the show. Because they do take these liberties, it is the most popular show on network TV. Some of the liberties they take include laboratory analysis which is much faster than in real life and sometimes far fetched, but they have to solve the crime in about forty minutes, minus commercials. The writers choose to write about cases that are happening in our world today, i.e. tensions in the Middle East. Normally NCIS would not be involved in these, so the producers bring in Zeva, a former Mossad agent. In reality, when I (like Gibbs) was an NIS agent (before the recent name change) besides the assaults and murder cases (which are really rare in Navy/USMC) most of our cases were thefts, misappropriation, and sex offenses. It’s not PC to build weekly show about sex offenses and misappropriation and embezzlement cases on TV would be boring. There would be very little for Abby, Ducky and Jimmy to do. So Diane and I give the producers some grace about the way they write the shows. As far as CDP is concerned, she plays the part of a former Mossad agent well. She is bilingual so it adds believability to her Mossad role. Also, have you noticed how she does not speak with conjucntions as Zeva? She doesn’t say “wouldn’t”. She says “would not.” That helps make her sound like English is her second language. So in final analysis, we like Zeva’s character, just like we liked Kate’s character. Right now, having the connection to Mossad gives the show more depth. If they lost Zeva or Abby, they’d loose a lot of viewers. If they lost Gibbs? You know what would happen.

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