2013 Apr 23 NCIS Critique of “Berlin”

As we watched tonight’s “Berlin” episode, it was reminiscent of last season’s final weeks. If this is becoming a season ending pattern, we like it. Instead of corny shows involving the investigation of a body that falls into someone’s yard, we are watching intrigue that occurs between agencies and even between governments. We probably like it because that’s what we like to watch and write our novels about. Tonight’s action takes Ziva and Tony to Berlin so Ziva can try to avenge the assassination of her father and Leon Vance’s wife.
The drama is intense as Gibbs and his team seeks to outwit Mossad. The twists and turns are realistic, with one caveat. The writers’ attempt to please those Tiva fans (the insatiable viewers hoping for romance between Ziva and Tony), goes a tad over the top. Tony and Ziva are nose-to-nose and cheek-to-cheek on the dance floor of a Berlin night club as a surveillance prop. This permits them to watch a meeting between a diamond dealer and Ziva’s nemesis, Bodnar. In real life, agents using such a ruse would have all eyes on the target and there would be no chemistry.
Aside from this one stretch, “Berlin” is an exciting episode. Sparks fly when Vance and Gibbs hold the new head of Mossad as a hostage in NCIS headquarters until they prove she is scamming NCIS. Meanwhile Ziva and Tony catch Bodner’s brother and haul him to the U.S. where they know Bodner is hiding.
Suspense soars in the final scene. While Tony drives, Ziva shares her past association with the new Mossad Director and all of its pain. Tony comforts her and touches her hand. His eyes flash towards hers when the unthinkable happens (think Downton Abbey). A green SUV seen earlier in the show ends this episode and leaves us all wondering who will be left standing next week. Does anyone know yet if Cote de Pablo will be returning next season?
We’d love to know your thoughts!
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Diane and David

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  1. Jeanie Todt April 24, 2013 at 6:16 pm - Reply

    Last night’s show was very intriguing…..loved the suspense, drama, and seeing the different agencies “at work”!! I was riveted to the TV screen….AND the ending???? OH NO……! Cannot wait for next week….! Thanks for your critiques, I love them!!

  2. Cindy Kendall April 25, 2013 at 1:49 am - Reply

    The ending has been fashioned in case Cote does not return. But I’m confidant she will! What a show, can’t wait to see how the next episodes roll out. I love NCIS, the characters and their evolving personalities keeps me wanting to know more about each one of them. Love how they have reached into their pasts to show how they have developed as individuals makes the show special and adds those layers of depth that are not seen in most dramas today.

    • danddmunson April 25, 2013 at 2:52 am - Reply

      Thanks for commenting, Cindy. We feel the same way.

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