Leroy Jethro Gibbs sought and exacted revenge against the drug smuggler who killed his wife and child. That all happened in his past, but in tonight’s episode, Gibbs knows up close and personal what is fueling Ziva David and Leon Vance to stop Ilan Bodnar at all costs. The suspense is non-stop. The entire NCIS team continues to buck Homeland Security’s orders not to chase or catch the man who murdered Jackie Vance and Eli David.

You can just hear Vance’s mental gears turning that he is not about to let a killer go free because of bureaucracy. In real life, Federal Agencies tussling over jurisdiction can cost lives. In the NCIS show, Ziva has no interest in playing games. In our opinion, Cote de Pablo’s performance this season as Ziva should earn her an Emmy. She is one talented actress and we both hope she continues on with the show in Season 11. In “Revenge”, the writers toss in one twist after another. McGee plunges down a rabbit trail when he concludes Bodnar’s call to Ziva originated from New York. Then he learns that Bodnar really spliced his face into an Internet video filmed in New York. “McGoofey’s” wrong lead sends Homeland Security on a wild goose chase resulting in more heat for NCIS. But Vance and Gibbs do not blink. Neither does Ziva. Her determination to bring Bodnar to justice proves successful.

Jimmy helps Tony discover what “See Reisiger 19” means when he checks out his translation app. This is another interesting plot line and helps Ziva to track down Bodnar on a Libyan ship. So now that Ziva and Leon feel avenged, what is next? Will the whole team come under investigation for disobeying orders to stand down? Possibly the investigation will focus on who killed the Iranian friend of Eli David. Stand by. The next two episodes should be exciting.

Be Blessed, Diane and David