It is good to be back writing to you all after the Christmas holiday. We hope you were blessed by the “reason for the season”. The birth of Jesus is a gift to all people on earth.
About tonight’s episode we shout: “Warning”!
“Shabbat Shalom” is the first of two installments. If you record your episode to watch later be careful to watch these in the correct order. This episode starts like most others, with an unexpected father and son finding a corpse while they are out fishing. The NCIS team resurrects their old undercover gear, which brings much lighthearted banner. But beware. After the laughs, it’s like no other episode we have seen.
Ziva learns unexpectedly that her father is in DC, traveling without the knowledge of his security detail. The tensions that exist between father and daughter are renewed. We discover how Ziva’s tendency to confuse phrases in the English language is genetic. When Eli David announces, “This is not my first radio,” Ziva fires back, “You mean rodeo.
We found the scenes between father and daughter some of the most riveting and tender scenes that have aired on NCIS.
The writers go deeper than they ever have in the relations between Iran and Israel and bring out tomorrow’s headlines. Rather than spoil this excellent episode for each of you, we will say no more at this point, other than to say it is excellent!
Be sure to watch next week. We can’t wait to see how all of the threads are resolved and how Gibbs keeps his team together. He will need all of his training and all of his instincts to make that happen.
Be Blessed,
Diane and David Munson