Ziva, your tender send off was rich with moments of nostalgia, and betrayal, leading to your redemption. Your difficult past as the daughter of a Mossad agent drove anger into your bones, stealing your present happiness, and spoiling your future. But wait. A friend who loved you would not let you be lost. Special Agent Tony DeNozzo traveled the world for months until he found you.

He helped to restore your zest for life. Leaving you behind in Israel was the hardest thing he has ever done. The final scene with ‘Ric and Ilsa’ in Casablanca comes to mind. Along with Tony, we’ve shed a few tears. Goodbye, Ziva. You will be missed by all, especially by Leroy Jethro Gibbs.

He is bloodied, but remains unbroken. Gibbs and the rest of the NCIS team will fight on, battling terrorism with all they’ve got. May all who read this blog find the fortitude and courage of Gibbs to keep on truckin’. Mark Harmon, we’re counting on you to deliver a swift, knockout punch to Parsa and the rest of his twisted, evil empire. We’ll be watching!

Be Blessed, Diane and David