A refreshing and lighthearted show! What a relief to see a post-Ziva episode that’s well written and produced. While the team makes a few references to Ziva’s empty desk, and her missed dental appointment, Gibbs sets the tone for future episodes. He reminds the team Ziva “wanted to move on, so let’s move on.” For the team and us viewers, Ziva should now be history.

The title of tonight’s episode, “Under the Radar,” refers to planes flying so low they can’t be detected by radar. That’s what the twisted Lt. seeks to do after washing out from pilot training. He flies under the radar in a final act of revenge, but he isn’t the only one. McGee hopes to fly under the radar and find his missing credentials before anyone discovers they’re gone (every agent’s greatest fear). Vera, the soon-to-be retired agent (David hoped she was going to be Ziva’s replacement- Hahaha)  tries to stay under the radar and avoid getting involved in any case that might get her injured, killed, or even called back as a post-retirement court witness. Because of Tony, her worst fears are realized. However, due to medical leave, she gets to finish her career, “under the radar.”

It’s great to see Ducky, Jimmy, Abby, Tony, Tim, and ‘Leroy’ as Vera calls him, back in their jovial mood and working together as a strong team, determined to make a difference. On a final note, NCIS spun-off from JAG. The INSP Network is airing JAG shows on evenings at 9:00 p.m. We would love to see Harm make a guest appearance on NCIS. That may not happen, but next week, stay tuned for other old friends to surface in surprising ways. And, we are told Diane Neal will be returning this season. Did you enjoy tonight’s show as much as we did?

Be Blessed, Diane and David