One wonders if the NCIS producers will ever learn their lesson. They let Muse Watson (the actor who plays Mike Franks) leave the cast; however, they keep bringing him back because he adds so much to the drama. Again tonight, he returns in a heart tugging episode that flashes back in time. Mark Harmon is at the top of his game. Gibbs struggles with a past decision leading to the death of six Afghani women. No one on his team realizes his angst over refusing to honor Mike’s request for help. His guilt drives him to seek redemption, and he takes the chance to do what he should’ve done years before. Tonight he is willing to “break” rules that two years earlier he was only willing to “bend.” Leroy Jethro Gibbs risks his life to do what is right. The sad thing is Franks isn’t here to realize it. In the final scene, Catherine, the manager of the women’s shelter, whispers to Gibbs, “Mike would be proud.” Our brave hero looks away deep in thought, as if asking himself, “Would he?” We will never know.

How about the comedy? Tony and Tim are scared the new NCIS agent Susan Grady (played by Jackie Geary) is going to join their team. They’re convinced they don’t need anyone to replace Ziva. Gibbs pokes fun of them by asking, “Are you afraid?” They bristle at such a wild notion. In fact, Susan wants to be assigned to NCIS in San Diego. Remember when she was the polygraph examiner who insisted on giving McGee a lie detector test? He was sure she meant to end his career. The funny thing was Susan was attracted to him and looking for ways to spend more time in his presence. Later when McGee asked her for a date, she turned him down. That show is one of David’s all time favorite NCIS episodes. So, he liked seeing Susan grill the suspect in the interrogation room, and pin his ears to the wall.

Diane felt the intensity of the women/young girls (she represented many in her law practice who endured difficulties in life). We are both relieved Tim refused to be ordered around by the U.N. officer and that he stayed to protect lives. Gibbs’ stand-down against the mob portrayed good winning over evil. The hard glint in his eyes reminded us of Dirty Harry and we imagined him saying, “Go ahead, make my day.” All in all, a good show for the good guys!

Be Blessed, Diane and David Munson