We have learned from many of you that some people don’t watch NCIS on Tuesday nights. They first record the show and then watch it when time permits, without commercials.  Therefore, we are always conscious to not spoil your experience by saying too much about what happened.

One thing we noticed about tonight’s episode, Once a Crook, is that Tony took center stage and Gibbs stayed more in the background. Even though we didn’t see much of Gibbs, he stayed relevant to the story line. Tony finds himself working on a shooting case that involves Anton, a man who was Tony’s informant when Tony was a Baltimore cop, fifteen years earlier. It was fun to see him working as a cop through flashbacks. We have a glimpse of Tony’s dedication and similarities to Gibbs. Must be why Gibbs likes Tony.

Based on my (David) experience, informants are absolutely necessary to solve crimes; however, they also (almost without exception) can’t be trusted. In this episode, you see Tony questioning his ability to judge an informant. If you watch carefully, you see him blaming himself for Ziva’s departure, even though he doesn’t mention her. In the end, has Tony misjudged Anton? I enjoyed this episode, because many of us ‘legacy agents’ reminiscence about previous cases and wild informants. I once worked an informant who withdrew from his criminal associations and went on to become a sworn law enforcement officer. That one makes up for all those we gave a break to, who returned to a life of crime.

For diehard of NCIS, we found out that the actors filmed this show in 100 degree heat in Los Angeles. The team is pretty cool under these hot conditions. We expect some interesting characters to be coming our way. So, see you next week, or whenever you watch the next episode.

Be Blessed, Diane and David