Tonight’s episode was intriguing and fun. We’re past Ziva’s departure. Abigail Borin, the U.S. Coast Guard investigator, returned, giving us more insights into her strong character. We especially like Abigail because we have always thought she’s the female version of Gibbs. In “Oil and Water,” the writers showed us why. She served as a marine and like Gibbs, she lost her man in a tragic death.

The writers are getting too predictable. When the environmental activist/computer expert began looking like the main suspect, Diane looked at the clock and concluded there was too much time left in the show. That always means the suspect being interrogated is really a red herring. So it was the case again tonight.

David got a kick out of Borin’s second interrogation (the first one showed us the depth of her loss when her marine was killed). Mark Harmon sure can show emotion with his eyes. When he watched Borin’s techniques in both interrogations, we could see how much he disapproved of her first, and how much he enjoyed her second one. Interrogation truly is an art. Sometimes even the best interrogators strike out. David once had all the evidence on a multi-million dollar embezzler and after nearly an hour, and displaying all the video-taped evidence, the man refused to confess. David turned the interrogation over to a young female investigator and as did Borin, she had a confession in fifteen minutes. It was as if the embezzler couldn’t keep lying to a woman who reminded him of his daughter.

Did you feel the producer and writers were teasing us tonight? How about when Gibbs hints to Borin that she should leave CGIS and join NCIS? Where would she fit in? Gibbs said he’s not leaving. She is too experienced to be Tony’s junior partner. We guess they’re only teasing us. As far as oil and water, we think the writers pointed to tensions between Gibbs moving his NCIS team forward under the new SecNav’s leadership. Porter’s time at NCIS Headquarters is odd and unrealistic given our experience in DC. Perhaps her lurking around McGee foreshadows a dramatic change to come.

On a final note, congrats to Michael Weatherly. He and his wife had a ten pound baby son today named Liam. Children truly are blessings from God.

Be Blessed, Diane and David