Is it just us, or do others feel that the summer-long wait and the drama over Cote de Pablo’s leaving the show, resulted in the season eleven debut show of NCIS being anticlimactic? All that hype and we didn’t even get to see Ziva. Those Tiva fans will have to wait until the next episode for the face-to-face interaction between Tony and Ziva.

The opening show leaves us with more questions than answers. At the end of last season, Tony, Tim, and Ziva all turned in their badges. Tonight, two of them are back at NCIS, as is Gibbs. So is Fornell. This comes as no surprise to us. A few twists are lobbed into this episode though. Our favorite moment comes when Ducky and Palmer confront an unknown assailant in autopsy and bring him down.

Much mystery is in the air as threads are being pulled one by one. However, some may find the episode to be unrealistic—with too much action, too many different bad guys, and too many agents investigating big business’ efforts to profit from terrorism. Wait just a moment and consider last week. As we reported in previous posts, real Special Agents of NCIS arrested one of their own Supervisory Special Agents at Quantico along with Navy Officer for accepting bribes from big business. Also, we reported three NCIS Special Agents were involved in confronting the terrorist killer at the Washington Navy Yard. One of these heroic agents rescued the Metropolitan Police Officer who was shot.

The bedlam of the debut episode, even though surreal in many ways, is too close to home. The plot line brings sad reflections. The fight is real folks. May God help us and our nation!

Be Blessed,

David and Diane Munson