After last week’s episode of “Crescent City I”, reviews were positive and should have encouraged the NCIS’ producers as they seek to launch the New Orleans show on CBS. Those of you who responded to our last blog seem to agree. The bottom line for us is that this cast and setting are more like the original show with Gibbs, et al, than the Los Angeles show, and in our opinion better than LA. We enjoy the chemistry of the crew, although the new forensic specialist with a taste for jazz, is probably meant to replicate Abby, but that’s impossible to do.

To give y’all an idea of the back story to these episodes, we’ll share what Gary Glasberg had to say about the new team. He sees Agent Lasalle, played by Lucas Black as “Alabama’s Steve McQueen” who handles himself with “a fantastic degree of calm and ease.” We couldn’t agree more. We love Black’s persona and acting ability. Glasberg says of Merri Brodi, played by Zoe McLellan, that she’s “confident and cool and direct and strong.” We saw an old JAG show the other night and there was Zoe looking way younger and much less confident. Finally, the Executive Producer couldn’t have asked more than to have Scott Bakula play Pride, “with his appeal and warmth and fun.” Bakula is open and direct, while Gibbs says everything with his eyes and his dramatic silence. Both guys make realistic special agents, according to David. (He should know!)

In our suspense novels, we usually create multiple plots running parallel, with numerous characters. We try hard to use a deft hand, and most of our readers like the way we bring the subplots together. Once in a while, we receive an occasional complaint from a reader who can’t follow everything. After watching tonight’s episode, we sympathize with those readers. Wasn’t it a lot to absorb?

These two weeks have Gibbs’ team, along with the new team, investigating a case related to an old Fed 5 team, the original NIS team made up of Pride, Franks, Gibbs, McLane, and Felix Betts. In Episode II, it was more difficult to track all the possible suspects and their relationships. Yet it was a good show. We like the chemistry of the New Orleans team more than the various elements of the plot.

If you are interested in the real NCIS New Orleans office, we’re attaching a link to a four minute video by a Louisiana TV station. It is interesting to see in contrast what two Special Agent do in real life.

Be Blessed, Diane and David Munson