Tonight’s episode deals with a difficult subject. The writers toss in some fun and intriguing aspects to lighten the mood. “Alleged” tackles an issue that is a problem in the Navy right now—sexual assault. David has said many times since we’ve started writing our critiques that many of his cases while with NIS (the original name of the agency when he and Gibbs were there) were sex cases. He also has said how the problem has only gotten worse with recent changes in the military.

The show’s producers and writers meet with the Navy and U.S. Marines each season to find out the important matters they are facing. They asked NCIS to do this episode to raise awareness of sexual assaults. When David was a Special Agent, he and his colleagues dreaded these cases because of the many difficulties. Diane also prosecuted these cases, and we feel the show presents the complexities in an accurate fashion. Mark Harmon brings the right balance of compassion and drive to catch the bad actors. Kelli Williams plays NCIS Special Agent Maureen Cabot from the special unit. Diane recognized her from movies on the Hallmark Channel. It’s interesting when Tim mentions they don’t have probable cause to obtain a warrant to search the ship. The captain then searches the ship under the “Health and Welfare” provision. “This has to be throughout the entire ship,” David says. “It can’t be done selectively.”

The lighter moments come with Tony and Tim’s “cleansing” to achieve better health. Bishop doesn’t share their determination. She continues eating bacon and egg sandwiches and chili cheese fries. Tony looks tormented just staring at her giant plate of gooey fries. This is hilarious. But even funnier is when he takes a swig of his water concoction in a jug the size of something a family might bring to a ball game. Thanks Michael Weatherly for making us laugh.

The last few days brought another terror attack in Overland Park, Kansas, and today marks the one-year since the bombing occurred in Boston. To leave troubles behind for sixty minutes when we watch NCIS is a good thing.

More to come!

Be Blessed, Diane and David