We both agree: This episode reveals great investigative work by the NCIS team, especially from Abby. It is certainly her night to shine. Gibbs et. al. are determined to discover who murdered Marine photographer Roe, known as the “Shooter”. Is the Army lieutenant who shot a militant overseas to blame because he wants to avoid being court-martialed? Or is something more sinister afoot?

During the years that we lived in Washington, DC, we saw many homeless sleeping on the sidewalk heat grates. It was very common, yet never shown on NCIS. Until tonight, that is. Mark Harmon exudes strength and compassion as his team of special agents uncovers the seamier side of homeless U.S. veterans. Abby’s concern for a young woman living on the streets provides a positive result to an otherwise difficult to watch subject. Here a few of the better moments from a former NCIS agent’s point of view:

  1. Probie Bishop being “creeped out” by going through Roe’s apartment, while Tony finds it the best part of the job. He likes learning “secrets”.
  2. The agents realizing the bent spoon and needle may be a set-up.
  3. Director Vance texting Gibbs during the interrogation to “lighten up”.
  4.  McGee getting into his undercover mode due to his stubble.
  5. Ducky finding the evidence of chloroform, which was used to sedate Roe before he was murdered.
  6. Ducky declaring that Blue’s kidneys are gone, leading the team to discover organs were being illegally harvested for the black market.
  7. Doctor Vance admitting his wrong-headed approach to providing organs to those who were on waiting lists.
  8. The ending dealing with Arlington National Cemetery is an excellent resolution.

We’d like your opinion. The writers tackled a searing subject, one in which there is room for Americans to help. Ducky made the statement that there are 50,000-60,000 homeless veterans around the country. Diane had to wipe tears from her eyes. The picture of the actor who played Blue shows the agony and turmoil of living without a home, facing the harsh elements. Yet Blue did not lose his human emotion as he helped the young missing girl, and took good care of his dog, Dave. Franklin Graham’s Samaritan Purse has started an outreach to service members and their spouses. There are other organizations helping veterans.

Be Blessed, Diane and David Munson