Tonight’s episode was a holiday spoof that gave us a journey through nostalgia and previous shows. For those of us looking for a typical NCIS ‘who done it,’ it may have been disappointing. But as the episode continued, we got to see clips of shows throughout the years, even some of Ziva, who will probably never make another live appearance. Once we realized this was not a serious episode, it was enjoyable to watch Gibbs’ brood of single agents trying to crack the case of who disabled government computer networks. The unknown hacker(s) stole sensitive government emails that could imperil national security.

Special Agent Tim McGee is the conduit used by the writers. He types a letter to his estranged father. In it, McGee reminisces about his own relationship with his dad, referring to his dad’s “house rules.” In so doing, he draws a comparison to the rules of Gibbs’ work family unit, and the various rules (by number) that Gibbs uses. It was interesting to recall the rules by number. You may have a favorite from over the years. Via flashback to past scenes, we are reminded of the important codes by which Gibbs teaches his agents, his “kids” to navigate life. McGee tries out these same rules on three convicted hackers whom he is trying to convince to cooperate.

Some of the lines are hilarious and lighthearted. Because of the upbeat nature of this episode, we were unprepared for the sad ending. Many of you DVR the show, so we’ll not include any spoilers tonight. Suffice it to say, McGee grows into a man in this episode, and you will want to watch his transformation.

On a final note, we want to wish you all a very Blessed and wonderful Christmas. Be Blessed, Diane and David Munson