2014 Feb 25 NCIS Critique of “B¬ulletproof”

Tonight, NCIS writers give us a ‘white collar’ crime involving a procurement problem, instead of the usual murder. Several significant issues are dealt with, such as the rehab of injured warriors as well as of McGee’s girlfriend, Delilah, a DOD analyst. This episode portrays the convergence of bullets, the selling of arms, and civilians sending help to our troops overseas, when the government is cutting its support for our military.

The show begins with Bishop fighting in a basic agent training class, giving us concern the whole show would focus on her again. Hoorah, it didn’t. Tony gleans from Bishop that during her practical shooting exercise, she mistakenly shot the cardboard cutout of a mother with her baby. She urges him not to tell Gibbs. David laughed about her error, because as hard as trainees try, they seldom shoot a perfect course. He remembers that as a trainee he once shot the image of a plain clothes police officer. We’ll see if in the future, Tony ever uses Bishop’s “secret”, to manipulate her.

It’s enjoyable to see other team members have a chance to shine. Tony’s “interrogation” of the spray-painting juveniles is funny. Abbey played an agent’s role when she confronted the federal contractor. Tim’s coming to terms with Delilah’s use of the wheelchair is touching. As the case against faulty bulletproof vests develops, we see how technical adherence to contracts permits the turning of a blind eye to corporate greed, which permits the shipping of defective bulletproof vests into combat zones.

Some might think Bishop exaggerated her injury when she was shot in her vest. Those who have ever been shot while wearing a bulletproof vest will attest that the bullet knocks you off your feet and bruises, or even breaks ribs. Mark Harmon had a smaller role tonight. We expect him to have more airtime when NCIS presents a special tribute to Ralph Waite, who played Jackson Gibbs. Our understanding this is coming in the season finale. Mark may have a presence also in the New Orleans spin-off, so perhaps he was not always available for the taping of Bulletproof.

The ending scene is heartwarming. To all of our troops who fight to protect us, to those who have received injuries in the line of duty, and to our veteran’s, we thank you. You are in our prayers.

Be Blessed, David and Diane Munson

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  1. Caroline D February 26, 2014 at 6:11 am - Reply

    I enjoyed this ep more than any in recent memory for many of the reasons you mentioned … chief among them was the more equitably distributed screen time yielding a more ‘team’ oriented feel, even with a bit less LJG. I always love it when Tim and Tony have a chance to be partners, whether as related to casework or simply having some fun and their ‘probie’ nicely afforded them that opportunity. Tony really stepped up the mentorship as he handed out good advice to both Tim and Bishop and she took their ‘hazing’ quite well. Speaking of Bishop, I especially appreciated getting to see a little more of her personality come out. And the fun had with DiNozzo, McGee and Bishop was crafted without straying so far into ridiculously OTT as the writers are wont to do. Even though the subject matter was certainly serious, the lighthearted moments were very welcome as was the stand-alone ep after what felt like a really long and arduous arc. As you pointed out, I was one who at first did think Bishop overplayed the pain of being shot in a vest but wondered if her size would have an impact. Could the fact that she is a very small person amplify the effects as opposed to someone larger? Besides, if I’m being honest, had it been me, I would be moaning into next week.
    I did find Palmer’s bit rather awkward but I suppose that was the point. It was good to see Delilah back and in such a positive way. I like her with McGee.
    All in all, I very much enjoyed this ep and feel like this marked the turning of a corner toward settling into something a bit more positive as team dynamics go.

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