Wow, what a terrifying opening scene. A drone is in the hands of a madman. Who is safe? Isn’t it great to have the NCIS team back, ready to tangle with the bad guys? For us it is. And these are serious issues as our world becomes more technologically entangled. There are so many who seek to harm this country and who need to be caught. Our lab techie, Abby, plays a crucial role in garnering evidence against Parsa, and convincing McGee to attend a gala with Delilah. His decision has far-reaching consequences, but he does not know this at the time he puts on his tuxedo. Because Delilah used her talents in counter terrorism to stop terrorists like Parsa, she will not be unscathed. We did suspect the gala was the target about twenty minutes into the show, and tried to warn McGee. He didn’t listen!

The Team must bring their “A” game to catch such a ruthless enemy. Gibbs also needs to get his head on straight about Ellie Bishop. One major flub was giving her a gun, when she isn’t trained, authorized, or equipped to carry one. Perhaps his mind came unglued with the appearance of his former love, Hollis Mann, played brilliantly by Susanna Thompson. She is a skilled actress who brings an openness Gibbs lacks. Will she return on future shows? We think she has the tenacity and vibrant character of Ziva. Her being married will allow her and Gibbs to solve cases in a professional way. Her final statement leads us to surmise she may not return anytime soon.

Tonight’s episode is continued until next week. From the preview, it appears McGee may be haunted by not preventing Delilah from being injured—or perhaps worse. NCIS agents have a dangerous job in reality and the writers do a superb job of showing the tension. Seeing Bishop on the floor at the end, trying to fathom where Parsa is, makes us say, “We need Ziva!”

Oh well. That is not to be. Tony has a great line, however, when he tells McGee, “Man’s reach should exceed his grasp.” Ziva is beyond our grasp, but we can still save Gibbs. We have some advice, Leroy: Put two and two together yourself. Don’t rely solely on Bishop. You let Parsa slip through your grasp.

Okay, that said, we want you guys to grab your gear, and get to work! This is 2014, where men and women are committing acts of terror, and espionage with the flip of a switch or their mouse. May God help us!

See y’all next week. In future shows this season, watch for Robert Wagner, Tony’s quirky Dad, to return. That will be fun, causing us to wonder what else is in store for NCIS.

Be Blessed, Diane and David