It’s often said that hosts save their best beverages for special occasions. Tonight, the producer of NCIS brought out the best performance of this season (16th episode of the 11th season) for this, their 250th episode. Since Cote de Pablo left the show, we’ve all complained about the lack of cohesiveness within the team, the clumsy entry of Bishop, and some of Tony DiNozzo’s juvenile behavior. In “Dressed to Kill”, the writers put together a stellar show, void of technical flaws and a really tender plot. Gibbs pushes DiNozzo into adulthood, explaining his need to show approval for his father (played by Robert Wagner) and for his father’s choice of a new wife. It was an emotional moment when Tony tells his dad, that Tony’s late mother would also approve of the marriage. “That’s what I needed to hear,” DiNozzo Senior tells Tony. Wow. No dry eyes here.

Here in an interesting insider’s tip: The precursor for this script is a real case involving a Navy Commander charged in San Diego with taking bribes to schedule visits of U.S. Navy ships to ports controlled by a co-conspirator. Tony was super-observant when he noticed the man leaving his father’s hotel was dressed in a Navy Lt. Commander’s uniform, but wearing a full Commander’s hat… a very clever way to begin a gun fight. From his NCIS years, David recognized at the same moment as Tony, that the man’s uniform was problematic.

We both enjoyed tonight’s humor and “film noir” feel. So did Tony, who plunged right into his Bogie impersonation as Sam Spade, complete with fedora, and blonde victim. The writers seemed to take a page from “Double Indemnity” where Barbara Stanwyck played a conniving femme fetale. Here, Senator O’ Hara’s aide Jennifer altered a Pentagon report to help her undeserving boyfriend. Because David served as an investigator to the U.S. Senate, it grabbed his attention when Senator O’Hara’s committee work led to the ultimate crime. Diane related to the NCIS team seeking a warrant on a Sunday as she often had weekend and night duty when she was a Federal Prosecutor.

All in all, Leroy Jethro Gibbs was the central focus for the plot twists. It was fun to see him grilling Tony over how he knew the killer had traveled to Macaw, and to see DiNozzo, Sr. visit Gibbs’ basement wood shop. With the drama happening around the world, it’s great to laugh with our talented NCIS team. We had another thought. When Abby rushed into the NCIS office wearing a black dress, having just come from church, we were reminded of the pastor’s challenge to our congregation on Sunday. He urged that this is the time for us to wake up and pray; God cares and He listens.

Let us know what y’all think of the 250th episode.

Be Blessed,  Diane and David Munson