Did y’all enjoy the twists in tonight’s episode? We love plots involving spies, especially when Tony busts the spy ring. When an admiral’s daughter goes off the rails and gets her photo splashed all over a gossip magazine, very Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo is tasked with bringing her home from France. A French police detective flirts with Tony before showing her true colors. And what dark colors they are. Tony must flee for his life along with Amanda, a young party girl. The dynamic duo evades the police and searches for secret ways to communicate with Gibbs. They end up using a technique similar to one we used in one of our thrillers a few years back entitled, “Hero’s Ransom.” So that part was fun to watch, including Gibbs figuring out the first clues.

It was also fun to see Bishop acting more like part of the team in her banter with Tim about his trick coin, and which one of them was going to be submerged in the septic tank. We agree with Abby. Yuck!! Bishop also learned something that every new Special Agent learns early on when Tony was ordered to France. Keep a bag packed and in the car or in the office, for instant departure. David’s got used several times.

We had to get past the obvious technical problem of Tony entering France with his weapon. It would never happen with Tony traveling undercover. Normally, if he needed a gun once in France, he would get it at the local NCIS office. The rest of the show was well done. We suspect everyone was shocked with the exchange between the lady detective and Tony in the alley in Marseille. We weren’t expecting that.

There’s lots of misdirection in this episode, which makes it exceptionally good. Only one more show to go for the rest of Season 11. We will share some sweet news—the entire cast is signed for Season 12 and many are for Season 13.

Be Blessed, Diane and David