We hate it when they do this, again. Another TBC… To Be Continued. It was an exciting ending, where we wondered if Gibbs would make it until next week. Now that we have your attention, we will tell you that the previews for next week shows him alive and well. Whew! We’ll tell you below why we really wondered about the results of the bus exploding.

This episode started out with the murder of Navy Ensign Jeanine Wilt, a computer specialist who had cracked into the computer of a Turkish importer who lived in nearby Fairfax, VA. It’s been our theory in the past that when the writers create a script that takes more than the allotted one hour (including commercials), the writers sometimes they turn it into a two hour show, by adding a lot of fluff. The fluff added to “Troll” was an awkward friendship between Bishop’s husband Jake and Gibbs. The dialogue suggests these two “friends” talk each day on the phone and even play racquetball together. Those who watch the show and know Gibbs know he doesn’t accept friends quickly or easily.

So why was this fluffy friendship even necessary? That becomes apparent when it’s discovered the Navy Ensign had hacked into the company computer of the Turkish importer. When McGee and Bishop can’t convince the importer to consent to a search of his computer, the agents are forced to get a search warrant from a judge. But, as it turns out the NSA objects to the search warrant, as the NSA is monitoring all the importers computer activity. Bishop and her husband Jake have what is meant to be a touching conversation where she confides that she had killed her first person while in Afghanistan. At the same time, he admits he is the impediment to NCIS getting the warrant for the importer’s computer. Between that and Jake’s fast friendship with Gibbs, Jake provides a copy of the content of the importers computer, from the NSA office. So there is no reason for the importer to know that the NSA had any interest in him.

We say this because of what Gibbs does next, which is the dumbest thing we’ve ever seen him do. With the importer in their interrogation room and he’s claiming innocence, Gibbs tells him the NSA has been monitoring his computer. Why would an ace like Gibbs, compromise the NSA after Jake had just helped him? It was inexplicable.

Just when we think the show will conclude with a teenage geek being the killer of the ensign, the team discovers there’s a different suspect and the show ends, only to be continued next week. This past week, we read an article that suggested the final two shows of this season will bring trouble and anguish. The team will deal with a tragedy. According to one report, Emily Wickersham who plays Ellie Bishop told TVGuide.com, “It was a shock to me, and I think it will be a shock to the fans.” Who knows what the writers have in mind.

We do know “The Lost Boys” airs May 5th, and “Neverland” on May 12th. Gary Glasberg, the show’s producer, is the writer for the final show.

Be Blessed, Diane and David Munson