Tonight’s episode of NCIS NOLA was about NCIS Special Agent Hackett who was temporarily in New Orleans as part of the protection detail for a Navy Admiral. Hackett was hoping to be transferred to New Orleans, where he’d grown up, but he was shot to death in what appeared to be an assassination attempt. During the episode, the investigation focused on discerning if the Admiral or Agent Hackett was the real target of assassination. Some viewers who are familiar with the mission of NCIS would question if (in real life) NCIS would be the proper agency to investigate, as the assassination didn’t occur on a military installation. It is customary that whenever an agent is killed, the agency he or she worked for would investigate the death, with support given by other Federal or local law enforcement agencies as might be requested.

The plot was a busy one to follow. It did reveal an interesting diversion when Special Agent Meredith “Merri” Brody, who was in close proximity to Agent Hackett, was questioned at length about an earlier incident aboard a Navy ship. Her delay in shooting a bomber resulted in five deaths. It was the writer’s way of developing her character for the viewers and we learned that just days before that incident, Agent Brody’s twin sister was killed in a car accident.

We don’t want to ruin the show for those who watch a delayed taping, but it was a cliffhanger involving DNA test results that would lead to an organ transplant. The real motive as well as the real assassin remained a mystery until the very end. Then we learn that something good would come from the tragic plot.

Next week, Stacy Keach will play Cassius Pride, Special Agent Dwayne Pride’s father, which should make for interesting TV. What did you think of this show tonight? Are you enjoying the new show as much as we are?

Be Blessed, Diane and David Munson