It must be sweeps week. That’s when each TV show dresses themselves up in their very best and tries to attract more viewers than other shows. Tonight, NCIS must have won. They take the viewers for a stroll down memory lane when a civilian is shot to death while using one of Gibbs’ former undercover identities. Before the episode is over, we are reminded of Mike Franks and Jenny Shepherd, both formerly of NCIS. Shepherd’s and Franks’ undercover IDs have also been hijacked by foreign spies. How did this happen?

That’s the fun part of the show, and you have to watch carefully to find out. We won’t say more for the sake of those who will watch their recordings later. Suffice it to say the writers serve up a pleasing and satisfying hour for all NCIS fans. The writers weave together humor and drama to produce a winner.

It is actually hilarious to see Bishop and McGee react when they learn that years earlier Gibbs posed as what they called IT (Information Technology) but what Gibbs called a Computer Technician. He may have posed as one then, but tonight he couldn’t (or wouldn’t) even learn to use a new smart phone, reverting back to his flip phone. We thought it was funny too when Gibbs resumes his past identity to gain entry into the victim’s high tech company. McGee whispers highly technical terms in his ear bud so Gibbs can convince the security guard he’s a real nerd. Gibbs pulls a fast one by reverting to his old folksy humor to con his way in.

Tonight’s episode reminded David of his many undercover cases during which he carried false ID’s. There was a constant danger that in the event an undercover agent or officer was injured or killed, there would be no way to know their true identity. One of David’s fellow agents was in a single car accident and was unconscious in an emergency room for four hours while every effort to find family members based on the undercover driver’s license failed. It wasn’t until a nurse found his gold badge in his boot that the police were able to learn his identity upon contacting DEA.

It’s good to laugh. However, we remember and pray for the brave men and women who at this moment are away from home and family to keep us safe in this country from those who mean us nothing but harm. Semper Fi

Be Blessed, Diane and David Munson