We’re beginning to wonder if Mark Harmon and his staff of writers and producers are schizophrenic. One week they produce a really great show and the next it’s terrible. We previously asked, “Did Harmon move all of his good talent to support the NCIS NOLA show, with interns running the original NCIS show?” Only the last ten minutes of tonight’s show sizzled. Everything else was a total disappointment.

The trash talk is getting bizarre. Even the acting was not precise. Gibbs claimed his doctor ordered him off coffee and caffeine for seventy-two hours. Then two of Gibbs’ ex-wives show up at a crime scene. It would be highly unlikely for them to find Special Agent Gibbs at the crime scene at the diner, and it was never explained. Duh … Why not show up at his office? The wives discuss Gibbs not wearing underwear while married. That inappropriate and gratuitous comment did nothing to advance the plot. Gibbs looked and acted like he was in a daze. We certainly were, having to put up with the juvenile antics. Thereafter, Gibbs’ entire team behaved like silly kids at a high school party. Even Harmon’s rendition of Gibbs was sloppy. He wasn’t the stern leader we are used to. If the writers were intending to make Gibbs appear inept due to a lack of caffeine or because he was stressed by the arrival of two ex-wives, it didn’t work. Bishop reminds us of a seventh grader with her gossipy ways. We cry, “Help!”

In the end, Sergei is an enemy to contend with. He is on the run again because Gibbs blasted after him without backup. Gibbs figured his team did not have his back so he went alone. Perhaps next week he will replace them all with some serious agents who know how to do their jobs, such as Coast Guard Agent Abigail Boren. No wait. She is going to be on NCIS New Orleans next week.

Harmon was redeemed by the New Orleans show, “Baitfish” that followed. It was better, with crisp dialogue. The scenes involving the use of confidential informants were excellent. The sting operation where NCIS and DEA tried arresting each other was too real for Dave. He’s been there and done that. One scene lacked a bit of realism—when the NCIS agents and the fire department are working the second bombing scene. Only the local police have jurisdiction and there was no visible local police presence. Once again, Lucas Black shone in the role of Agent LaSalle. The end leaves a dramatic twist.

On a side note, a new movie version of the “Man From U.N.C.L.E.” releases in August. Henry Cavill plays secret agent Napoleon Solo, and Armie Ammer will appear as the Russian-born Illya Kuryakin. Most of you know Ducky played Illya Kuryakin in the TV series. Let’s hope the movie is better than tonight’s episode.

Let us know what y’all think. Be Blessed, Diane and David Munson