Mark Harmon and his associates have discovered a magic formula for creating popular episodes. The main ingredient is Robert Wagner. Wasn’t it fun watching Wagner acting again as Tony’s father? In the “Artful Dodger”, based on his vast experience, he tutors the squad of Special Agents about the underbelly of stolen and counterfeit art treasures. But it gets better when Robert Wagner goes undercover to meet with real art counterfeiters accompanied by Tim McGee, who is posing as Tony Dinozzo Jr. and a male model. What a hoot!

Pure slapstick comedy is on display when Tim strikes a powerful pose for the fake artist, and when Tony Jr. acts incredulous as his father leads the team from his position at the head of the conference table. Jimmy Palmer asks Ducky to play “GrandDucky” to his daughter, which provides some precious moments for a beloved character.

The squad is busy tracking down who killed a Navy Lieutenant when he interrupted a thief who stole a painting from an Admiral’s office. The Vice-Admiral blames herself as she asked the Lt. to find something in her office. In the end, Leroy Jethro Gibbs and the team discover the painting of “The Chesapeake”, a real Navy frigate launched in 1799, really contained a hidden recording device. It had previously been hanging in the Pentagon where national secrets were discussed.

The entire show is laced with references about how Tony Sr. (Wagner) has taught Junior the ways of life and hints to things he’s failed to teach him. Tony understands and loves his father no matter what. Gibbs plays a big role in reconciling father and son.

Tonight’s episode is a believable story of how terrorists used the device to learn about Defense operations. Our federal agents and soldiers must be extra vigilant during these perilous times.

Be Blessed, Diane and David Munson