We’re Back!!! For several weeks or months (we’re not sure) we’d been writing critiques on our blog, but unbeknown to us, those critiques were not getting mailed to you. Those of you who went to the blog, found our messages there, but it took us quite some time to correct the problem. If you go to the blog you can find those you’ve missed in the archives. We are happy to be back with you.

As we stated a couple of weeks ago, sometimes we write a critique of the NCIS NOLA show if we don’t enjoy a particular episode of Gibbs’ original NCIS show. Tonight, we were going to watch the NOLA show for comparison, but that show started out with a girl in a strip joint. We didn’t even bother to watch it. Now back to “Status Update”. We have said the producers have Leon Carroll Jr., a retired NCIS Special Agent on their set to help them keep the show technically correct. In our opinion, they must have produced tonight’s show when he was on vacation, or they ignored what he advised in order to be more edgy. For the most part, the show was unrealistic. Also, the beginning “work flirt” banter between Tony and Bishop was worse than juvenile. This show airs at 8:00 pm with younger viewers tuning in and it’s inappropriate for a married woman to make light of monogamy.

It is clear the writers wanted to bring back Delilah from Dubai, so she and Tim McGee could renew their romantic involvement. Using Delilah in an undercover sting operated from a computer in a secure office was plausible, but to involve her (a computer specialist in the cyber division of DOD) to accompany armed DOD agents entering an apartment, which turned out to occupied by NCIS agent who arrived first, was just plain stupid. In the real world, it would be extremely dangerous to everyone involved because she is not trained agent. Even DOD having Delilah living in a ‘safe house’ apartment was a stretch of realism.

It was interesting to note the show highlighted the dangers resulting from military family members using social media. This week it was all over the news how terrorists are stalking military families in social media. These are great lessons to be learned from tonight’s show.

Tim McGee was correct when he advised Delilah to pull the trigger and shoot at Tim, when Omer Malik gave her a gun. Agent McGee assumed Malik wouldn’t have given her a weapon with a bullet in the chamber, for fear she would turn it on her captor. Because she was not a trained agent, she had no idea what McGee was talking about. This is proof she was in way over her head. Apparently her boss was in too deep as well, because at the end of the show he was suspended for “gross negligence.” (No doubt the technical adviser returned from vacation in time to catch the ending, and insisted the guy be disciplined).

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What did you all think of tonight’s episode? From the previews, next week looks a bit lame, so here’s hoping it’s a great show to usher in “The Dovekeepers,” starring Cote de Pablo, who once played Ziva on NCIS. That miniseries airs next Tuesday on CBS at 9:00 pm and concludes the following night.

Be Blessed, Diane and David Munson