We know that as we type this critique, most NCIS fans are glued to the TV watching Cote de Pablo in the ‘Dove Keepers.’ You will remember that last week we offered to send a copy of our most recent novel, “Embers of Courage,” to one of you who responded to our post. The drawing winner is Sandra L. If she will respond to us with her mailing address, we will mail her the copy. Meanwhile each of the others who responded, will receive an eBook copy of “Hero’s Ransom.” Watch your email for your coupon redeemable at iTunes.com.

Tonight’s NCIS episode of “Patience,” turned out to be better than some recent shows. The banter between Di Nozzo and McGee was good, as McGee discovers that Di Nozzo and Gibbs had been involved in a decades old case involving an airport bombing, to McGee’s exclusion. As the investigation of a new lead in that bombing continues, McGee and Abby are flown to an aircraft carrier off the coast of Colombia in search of a computer link to a Colombian drug lord. At the same time, Tony and Bishop attend what turns out to be a class to promote intimacy while posing as husband and wife to learn more about the Colombian doctor who offered the training. It provided interesting insights for the “couple”, and an opportunity for Bishop to have a deeper role. We enjoyed seeing Ducky with a key role in solving the case. Mark Harmon, playing Leroy Jethro Gibbs, interrogates a possible suspect, which leads to a second interrogation with surprising twists toward the end. All in all, the viewer feels satisfied with the outcome.

The preview for next week’s ‘heart to heart’ episode, “No Good Deed” includes the return of Robert Wagner as Di Nozzo Senior. The producers seem to know when they’ve discovered a good thing. At least we hope so!

Be Blessed, Diane and David Munson