2015 NCIS NOLA Critique of “The Walking Dead”

Since the launch of NCIS New Orleans, we have continued critiquing the original show with Mark Harmon, and then making a departing comment about the new show. Tonight, we decided to critique the new show instead. As we attend booksigning events and talk with NCIS viewers, we hear many good comments from those who love the new show. Many former fans of JAG haven’t yet discovered that Agent “Merri” Brody, played by actress Zoe McLellan, was the female petty officer on JAG. When they realize her connection to JAG, they are even more interested in the spin-off. We enjoy the theme song and background music of the New Orleans show. We also find the scenes filmed in New Orleans quite authentic, whereas NCIS takes place in Washington D.C., but is filmed in California.

In tonight’s show, the writers ask the question: What would it be like to know you only had two weeks to live? A Navy Lt. Commander and psychologist discovers he’s been poisoned by Plutonium, reminiscent of the former Soviet KGB officer who died in 2006, approximately 23 days after drinking tea in a London hotel. The British government is currently holding an inquiry into the death of Alexander Litvinenko, who at the time had claimed his KGB boss was in cahoots with Russian organized crime.

The NCIS NOLA team led by Scott Bakula (Agent Pride) must find out who had motive and means to poison the Lt. Commander. Diane Neal reappeared as CGIS Agent Abigail Borin to help investigate a possible suspect who was discharged from the USCG based on the doctor’s evaluation. We enjoy her character/acting and so were happy to hear her say she is thinking about transferring to NCIS. She will be a great addition to any of the shows as a regular cast member.

There are many twists, but we won’t spoil the ending by writing too much for those of you who use your DVRs to record the show. David was critical when agents failed to investigate the source of toothpaste containing Plutoium. Once they were forced to get a search warrant for the brother’s home, they failed to secure the home to prevent the brother from destroying evidence. Suffice it to say that the rest of the investigation was credible, using a car chase with fast turns, search warrants, and scientific analysis, which for the purpose of TV developed quicker than in the real world.

Stay tuned to see which show we critique next week.

Be Blessed, Diane and David Munson