Once again, this episode went outside of NCIS jurisdiction, but we are getting used to that. The writers wrote a really good episode about Navy Petty Officer Kyle Friedgen who demands that NCIS investigate his alleged murder of his former girl friend, after his case was dismissed due on a technicality in a Baltimore court. This part of the show was well written. The evidence that is developed during the investigation is material and believable.

Abby plays a pivotal role as does Ducky in evaluating the coroner’s report. As the case develops, it is discovered that someone has actually substituted evidence from an earlier crime involving the same victim. That same thing happened in several cases with which we are familiar. This would have been an enjoyable show, except that in an effort to having a parallel plot, the writers create a plot where Ellie Bishop suspects her husband Jake is having an affair. What a bummer! Whereas many viewers have never liked Bishop, we were happy that she at least was one member of the team with a normal married relationship. Even Gibbs agrees, telling Bishop how ironic it is that she’s asking him for marital advice. In the end, she goes home to Oklahoma, leaving her husband a note not to contact her.

With Thanksgiving next week, this plot line is seriously messed up. On the heels of the letdown that another team member is joining the single or divorced ranks, we are given hope for the future when we see the preview for next week’s show. Will Gibbs become the show’s “Dear Abby” (the columnist, not the lab tech) and help Bishop through this difficult time? We won’t say more, for the sake of those who have taped this show and have yet to watch it. We are curious to know what others think about where the writers are headed.

Oh, and justice is done on the murder case. We would like to see more instances of justice being handed out on the world stage.

Be Blessed, Diane and David Munson