In this episode, Gibbs and his team launch an effort to locate the only surviving sibling of Navy Lieutenant Alex Quinn who needs a bone marrow transplant. Lt. Quinn’s mother has already lost two of her children in the military service of their country, thus the SECNAV insists NCIS locate Sean Quinn, her only non-military child who has been out of touch for six months, to provide the bone marrow to his brother Alex. It occasionally does happen, when government agents are asked to conduct extraordinary tasks by higher ups. The search for Sean leads the NCIS team into the criminal world and unexpected results. Tony and McGee find incriminating evidence in Sean’s apartment. Because the landlord let them in, they display the evidence in front of him, which turns out to be a mistake leading to disastrous consequences. In reality, these two agents would have known better.

Meanwhile, Special Agent Eleanor (Ellie) Bishop seeks the solitude of her family home in Oklahoma, following the upsetting discovery last week that her husband Jake was having an affair. The script for tonight’s show is well written. During their efforts to find the missing brother, Gibbs and his talented team discover Sean is deeply involved in a counterfeit money ring. As the investigation progresses, it is determined he is not a possible donor for his brother.

One donor is found, but there is a serious catch. He’s a U.S. Marine convicted of shooting two Afghan terrorists and he is imprisoned at Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas. Bishop is tasked to go from Oklahoma to Kansas and offer the marine a possibility of parole from his life sentence, in exchange for contributing his marrow. He refuses the deal, wanting to be released immediately from prison. Leroy Jethro Gibbs is undeterred by the marine’s rejections. Gibbs buys a one-way ticket, flying to meet Bishop and her family in Oklahoma. There he meets Ellie’s mother, played by the former ‘Bionic Woman”, Lindsay Wagner. Gibbs’ also encourages Ellie to ‘talk’ about her hurts. She objects. After all who is Gibbs to suggest to her that talking helps? Then we discover the first evidence of touchy and feely in Gibbs, when he admits that since his recent shooting, he has been counseling with Dr. Cyril Taft, (played by Jon Cryer), the surgeon who saved his life.

The investment Gibbs is making in Ellie’s life, might discourage some viewers who commented on this blog that they hoped Bishop seeking refuge in Oklahoma might signal her departure from the show. It’s our guess that she’s here to stay. We would love to see more of Lindsay Wagner as she is a fantastic actress in whatever role she plays. She has the kind of persona to match that of Mark Harmon. However, Ellie’s mom lives in Oklahoma so that is unlikely. Do you also enjoy having FBI agent Tobias Fornell back on the show? Joe Spano is also talented and adds a much- needed spark to the show.

As Thanksgiving is days away, we give thanks for our family, and also the freedoms in this country. We thank the men and women who serve in the military. May God bless them and keep them all safe.

Be Blessed, Diane and David Munson