By now we should know that anytime there is a NCIS episode featuring Abby Sciuto, it’s going to be a spoof, and we are approaching Halloween. She is a forensic scientist. In the real world, Abby would perform analysis and testify about her findings in a legal proceeding. We never see her doing that, because it would be really boring. Since her job doesn’t permit her to carry a gun or make arrests, the writer have to create an episode through which, as Jane Austin’s Mr. Bennett would say, “Abby can ‘exhibit’.” And tonight, Abby has a major chance to exhibit, not only her scientific knowledge and computer skills, but also her instincts.

All in all, this episode should satisfy viewers who love Abby and advocate for her to be featured.

In the beginning of the show, Agent Bishop receives another call from her husband Jake, who is scheduled to leave the country again. She can’t know where he is going and tells McGee how hard that is for her. This was the only “real” moment in the show. The rest is pure spoof, such as when a roomful of women waiting for botox injections race toward Gibbs, thinking he is “Dr. Botox.” In reality, federal agents must put up with danger, angry criminals, and being shot at. Tonight, Tony has to put up with being compared to Marty Feldman, a British actor who played in “Young Frankenstein.”

Since our experience was with conducting investigations and presenting actual evidence to prosecutors, and ultimately to jurors, we’ll pass on saying any more about this spoof except to say that Gibbs ends up being “The Greatest Boss” on the planet.

Next week is the sixth episode, entitled “Viral.” Directed by Rocky Carroll who portrays Director Vance on the show, watch for the return of Margo Harshman. She plays Delilah, McGee’s girlfriend and the two of them will have a major decision to make. Also, the previews reveal Agent Bishop faces a dramatic dilemma when her husband is involved in a terror bombing overseas. That is what ties tonight’s show into next week.

So we are grateful for the many men and women who truly put their lives on the line to protect us.

Be Blessed, Diane and David Munson