When David read the preview “Personal Day” and saw that it involved the team working with a DEA agent, he thought it would be exciting and reminiscent, since he was recruited away by DEA after being an NCIS agent. Long ago, David quit objecting to careless and technical mistakes made by the producers of the show despite the fact they claim to use a former NCIS agent as technical adviser. In this episode, it took David awhile to look past the fact DEA Agent Luis Mitchell was working alone without a partner and without any DEA backup.

So it was explained by “Mitch” that no one else in DEA cared about his never-ending quest to bring down his “Moby Dick,” a big-time drug smuggler named Long. Once we began following the intrigue, it appeared tonight’s episode was just as suspenseful for Gibbs’ team as it was for us loyal viewers. The writers cleverly revealed the plot as if pealing an onion, one layer at a time.

First, Leroy Jethro Gibbs’ new look, modern haircut and shirt collar, fits his new attitude, which is proving to be even more intense than before. Agent DiNozzo is on the outs with his boss after his negligence led to Gibbs being shot in Iraq at the end of Season 12. Yet we wonder if that’s the real reason Gibbs pushes DiNozzo to “get his head in the case” and “look out for the team.”

Meanwhile, Tony is concerned about Gibbs’ true motives in helping Mitch make his drug case. This leads to Tony questioning Gibbs, and their confrontation in the elevator makes for intriguing television. Another layer unravels when Agent McGee doubts the DEA agent is all he appears to be while Agent Bishop thinks he’s pretty cool. Conflict erupts between Tim and Mitch when Tim is forced to shoot the only person who can lead the team to Long.

Several questions persist including why does Gibbs care so much about Mitch stopping Long? We find out the answers as the others on the team perform great investigative work. Tony hunting down the informant and getting him to work for them accurately shows the behind the scenes work that agents do. Tony’s incisive decision to go after Gibbs when he may be in trouble leads to a great conclusion. Because many of you record the show to watch after this blog is published, we will not include all of the superb moments of this episode. For long time viewers, much is learned about Gibbs’ wife, daughter, and the drug cartel that killed them. The last scene is particularly tender and sweet.

We will let you all make comments about where Gibbs and Tony are headed. Is Tony going to leave to pursue other commitments in producing other shows/movies, and so will be transferred to another jurisdiction to head up his own team (off the show)? Is Gibbs going to leave after this season and Tony will take over leading this team?

Lots of surprises await. Meanwhile, we are glad the team worked so well tonight in pursuing the bad guys. Abby and Ducky had several great scenes when they poured over the imported rugs from Afghanistan.

Be Blessed, Diane and David Munson