We begin our critique of this episode with a warning to those who have recorded it. This is one of those rare episodes that is continued. Personally, we didn’t care for the plot, the writing, or the dialogue. We’d like to “Return to Sender” every minute we watched with the gore and gruesome scenes. Thus, even thinking about a continuation has no appeal. None, zip, nada.

After several weeks of great NCIS nights, the writers and producers served up a loser to its loyal fans. “Return to Sender” reveals what happens when a British citizen escapes prison, and finds his way to America in a shipping container. He was imprisoned in England due to a joint investigation involving NCIS and British MI6, the British foreign intelligence service. MI6 is similar to our CIA. We’ve included a recurring MI6 agent in four of our novels (Facing Justice, The Camelot Conspiracy, The Joshua Covenant, and Stolen Legacy). While the idea of a British citizen escaping from the British prison and coming to the U.S. to extract revenge against federal agents is intriguing, the means of presenting the story in this first installment is totally lacking.

Perhaps when writing the script, the writers discovered they had too much material to fill a single episode, and therefore split the script in two. Irrelevant side issues about FBI Agent Tobias Fornell’s (portrayed by Joe Spano) new attempt at computer dating, and McGee and Bishop’s prolonged side investigation to learn why Di Nozzo pays so little for his monthly rent are ridiculous. Especially given a killer is on the run who kidnaps Director Vance in the process.

In reality, federal agents risking their lives to bring the guilty to justice is serious. We understand lighthearted moments are often necessary when facing danger. However, tonight’s failed attempt at humor with one bloody victim after another appearing on screen, is not only unrealistic, it is over the top. This could have been an important episode with the subject matter and Tony preparing to leave the show. The writers and producers ruined it. Enough said about this subpar episode. If you don’t see us next week, you’ll know we found it equally bad.

What do you think? Will Tony have a decent send-off?

Be Blessed, Diane and David Munson