2016 Feb 9 NCIS Critique of NCIS episode “Decompressed”

The writers of tonight’s episode deliver a case of a questionable death in a decompression chamber and a mixture of Valentine’s Day references. Several nice things occur in tonight’s episode. Abbey spreads cards and flowers to her teammates and we are treated to more of Leroy Jethro Gibbs. We have missed his gutsy courage in difficult times. The rest of the team, Tony, McGee, Ellie, Abbey, and Ducky all play a critical role in a more balanced way than we’ve seen. The final results are solving the brutal case with some twists and turns.

David especially enjoyed the plot because a sleazy lawyer is exposed as being totally corrupt. So justice is achieved, which many times is lacking in life. Law enforcement is always frustrated when a witness ‘lawyers up’ and refuses to be interviewed. It happened on tonight’s episode, but in the end, the NCIS agents achieve victory over the depraved lawyer. It was interesting for David to see the ultimate motive for the death was to prevent the victim from exposing a cocaine smuggling scheme, which used technology that had failed for it’s intended Defense Department use.

We don’t want to discuss the episode too much for the sake of those who will watch it later. We also want to know what viewers think of this week’s disclosure by the producers of NCIS, that they are looking to introduce as Tony’s replacement, a female federal agent named Tess, and described as “quick-witted, sarcastic, shrewd,” and “two parts bulldog, one part sweet kitten.” Apparently, she is being transferred from New York’s Counter-Terrorism Unit. She will be introduced in Season 13 before Michael leaves the show. What will be the effect of the addition of a second female, and a tough one at that? What will happen to Ellie’s character?

We will see how Gibbs and McGee handle melding the team without Tony. Avid viewers can look forward to two more episodes this month. “React” airs on February 16 and will feature Joe Spano as Senior FBI Agent T.C. Fornell as the NCIS team helps the FBI solve a kidnapping case. Then on February 23, Scottie Thompson returns in Loose Cannon” along with Jon Cryer, who plays Doctor Cyril Taft. So there are some dynamic shows coming up to enjoy.

Be Blessed, Diane and David Munson

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  1. john February 10, 2016 at 8:53 am - Reply

    All lawyers are crooked but only a few get caught.. Right. At least it is that way in Washington. Bishop actually pulled her gun first several times in Mondays show. Is she finally showing some spunk? NCIS has had two female lead characters before would they return to that format with both of them being agents this time? Or is Bishop’s departure on the wall? Best indicator will be if her contract is renewed.

    I was ho hum with the show, My wife on the other hand hated it calling it a waste of time watching.

  2. Beverly February 11, 2016 at 4:02 pm - Reply

    Really, really hate the thought of Tony’s character leaving. I miss Ziva and now the show will be without another good one when he leaves. They will have to go a long way to fill this gap.

  3. Louis February 18, 2016 at 12:34 am - Reply

    I have watched NCIS since the beginning. I really enjoy the dynamics of the character interaction the well written script and the mix of characters from Leroy to Abby…I will say that initially it was my wife who told me I enjoyed it. she will not miss her NCIS. Everyone in the house total hush for the hour. She is beginning to get engrossed with NCIS LA and even more so NCIS New Orleans. I will say that there is a marked difference in quality and believability and plot from one writer to the next. When you watch a show for thirteen years ( and collect the videos) just the way ones brain functions you can pick up quickly when someone drops the character /plot/ reality ball. Thank you for the blog corner.

    • Diane and David Munson February 18, 2016 at 8:03 am - Reply

      Welcome Louis (and your wife) to our blog. You are correct. Over the length of the series, there have been some good and some not as good episodes, reflecting different writers, producers, and even efforts to address social or political issues of the day. Overall, it’s still a good show. Let’s hope they adjust to the comings and goings of the actors.

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