Did you ever think you would be watching the 300th episode of NCIS? We can tell you that David, a former NCIS Special Agent, and his colleagues never dreamed there would be such a popular TV drama about their careers.

After a string of mediocre episodes, the producers and writers of the NCIS show have had several winners in a row. Tonight’s episode about a Marine sniper who was injured in Iraq and whose sniper weapon and scope were stolen, provides an opportunity to feature Gibbs’ past as a sniper, and the emotional ghosts which still haunt him. It also gives an opportunity for Gibbs to share the screen with Dr. Grace Confalone, the shrink who FBI Agent Fornell introduced to Gibbs. This is one of Mark Harmon’s best performances on NCIS.

Gibbs and his team discover the stolen sniper rifle has been smuggled into the U.S. Gibbs, with the encouragement of Dr Confalone, spends endless hours at Walter Reed Hospital trying to engage the recovering Marine Aaron Davis, from whom the weapon was stolen in Iraq. Davis is played by Taye Diggs. Davis at first refuses to talk. He won’t even speak with his daughter. The NCIS team comes together like a family. As a result of Ellie and McGee consoling the daughter, Gibbs encouraging Davis, and a cameo appearance of MusiCorps wounded warrior band, Davis contributes to the recovering of the missing sniper weapon and scope. The band plays and Taye Diggs performs the song, “Hallelujah,” written by Leonard Cohen. What a tender rendition.

This show is about people taking time to show others they are loved. Ellie tells McGee that Delilah making him a seven-layered breakfast burrito is a sure sign of love. McGee says, “I agree.” The camera pans to him perusing engagement rings online. We have high hopes to see these two wonderful people being married soon. Another fun scene is when Very Special Agent Tony DiNozzo rides off on a motorcycle with Ducky on a bike, Jimmy in his sidecar, and Director Vance zooming up on his bike. All are going out for an Italian dinner. It seems like a nice tribute to Michael Weatherly and his upcoming departure from the number one drama show on TV. This episode beautifully illustrates why NCIS has the highest ratings, is broadcast in more than 200 markets, and in more than 60 languages.

Speaking of Michael, we understand that the producers will bring in two new agents, one male named Clayton, and one female named Tess. Clayton is a British MI-6 agent who will join the team before the end of Season 13. And, as John has mentioned in the discussion section, Cote de Pablo is nearing a contract with would feature her in a sci-fi series called Prototype on Syfy TV. Let’s all hope that she lands on her feet.

Be Blessed, Diane and David Munson