Not bad. This was an entertaining show, but once again the first question is, did NCIS have jurisdiction to investigate a shooting in the apartment that Tony DiNozzo once occupied and where Tim McGee now lives with his fiancée Delilah. Some viewers might say there wasn’t jurisdiction, but what about “assault on a Federal Agent”? After all, McGee was shot at. He killed a burglar in his apartment while returning fire. Wrong! McGee wasn’t on duty at the time, and for an assault on a Federal Agent to be an actual crime, it has to happen during conduct of his official duties. In reality, the Washington Metropolitan police should have investigated. Aside from having the wrong investigators, the writers did a pretty good job.

We were treated to some feisty drama among the team members. Director Vance is being courted, in more ways than one, by the Congresswoman we criticized in our previous blog. She wants Vance to run for Congress, and as she told Gibbs earlier, she desires for Gibbs to be elevated to the Director’s position. Why?

And we have another question for you? What did y’all think about the constant debate between the NCIS team about whether McGee should ever tell Delilah about the never-ending murders in their apartment? Dave thinks the actor who played the part of Paul Triff, the convict serving time for three murders, did a good job. His acting and mannerisms were similar to those of a sociopath. In the end, Director Vance realizes he’s too honest and too blunt to be a politician, and because of his bluntness, the Congresswoman cuts him loose. So he and Gibbs will stay in the jobs for which they are both best suited. Diane kept thinking the Congresswoman was involved in the diamond heist as her interest was beyond realistic. Their relationship was meant to show the conflict between the career employees and the politicians, which can impact the pursuit of justice at times.

On a final note, Diane has a message for McGee. Run and don’t walk away from that horrible apartment!

Be Blessed, Diane and David Munson