Tonight’s show was a cross between TV’s “Love Boat”, with many civilian passengers on a ‘Tiger Cruise’ (the Navy’s version of job shadowing) and Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Orient Express or Death on the Nile. It was a real Whodunit, with a large cast from the passengers. Diane and David differ on the high points of the show. It seemed that there were many more suspect and extraneous characters than necessary. Diane found the plot twisting and turning without a real focus until the suspect is finally revealed. We thought the many references to McGee’s indecisiveness about where to hide the engagement ring and when to pop the question were a bit too much; however, after the victim’s boyfriend expressed his regret for not proposing to her, this really set up a terrific final scene with Special Agent McGee proposing to Delilah in the elevator.

The episode brought back many memories of David’s time in NCIS. This case was like those where David and the other special agents/investigators develop a theory, which ultimately begins to unravel. Ever changing circumstances lead to an unexpected conclusion. The scene of Gibbs and team arresting the suspect in the presence of the suspect’s son was well done. David arrested many defendants by separating them from the presence of their children before handcuffing them. Sounds smart doesn’t it? Experience is a good teacher. The first time David arrested and cuffed a man in the presence of his seven-year–old was a sad learning experience that he has never forgotten.

Did you notice that Jimmy, the assistant medical examiner was featured in a more prominent role tonight? Rumor has it this may be Ducky’s last season as David McCallum is 82 years old. Isn’t he amazing?! Could they be getting us used to his replacement?

Be Blessed, Diane and David Munson