Who do you think was the “desperate” man? Detective Burris is with Metro Police and he bursts into the murder scene where his Navy wife has been murdered. Then we learn from the excellent work of McGee and Abby that his wife Mya’s former colleague has gone rogue, selling secrets to America’s enemies. Finally, CIA officer Ray Cruz, Ziva’s erstwhile boyfriend, stumbles back into her life. She is angry because he stood her up for dinner at a restaurant after she waited for him for three hours. He never called her or texted to explain his absence. So Ziva avoids all of his phone calls and he calls her team, including Gibbs.
Did you find Ray’s plunging to one knee in front of spectators even plausible? To us during this second viewing of this episode, he seemed to become unhinged. Ziva acts embarrassed and orders him to “Get up!” But then, seeing how much the detective loved his wife, Ziva agrees to Ray’s proposal.
A tender moment happens when Tony tries to console the detective; he can relate as he worked with guys like him when he was with Baltimore PD. Tracking down murderers for a living is one thing until the victim turns out to be your wife. An ugly mess. Of course he is “desperate” to find out who killed her.
Ray Cruz does a bad thing. He is a CIA agent who kills an American on American soil. Though the target is a terrorist, the Navy Commander is killed by Ray instead. Some interesting thoughts we had about the show. When Ray tells her that he’s asked for a desk job and his dark side is over, Ziva blinks. Is he for real? Hardly. When she learns the truth, she punches him in the nose.
However, it is not realistic for Ziva and Tony to give the name of a CIA agent as the killer. He can never be tried as he’d reveal too many secrets that would damage national security. Gibbs tells Ziva that Ray is “done”. What should happen to Ray do you think?
Here is something new: Michael Weatherly is teasing all fans about the tenth season. He used a stunt double! How do you think that he and Ziva will escape out of the elevator?
Let’s all stay tuned!!
Be Blessed,
Diane and David