Recently the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) researched U.S. Marine Corp files and found the tattoos on the body of a Marine who was declared a deserter in 1974, matched those on a body found naked and dead in Long Beach, California in 1974. NCIS working with the Long Beach Police Department matched the tattoos on the corpse with those of a Marine from Des Moines, Iowa. Oral Stuart Jr. had been reported missing from Camp Pendleton in 1974. Photographs of the deceased were identified by Stuart’s brother. Both of Oral’s parents died, believing their son was a deserter. His remains had been identified only as John Doe #155, and he had died the victim of a blunt force trauma homicide.
The research done by NCIS was most likely done by NCIS Intelligence Specialist (GS-0132) a position also called Intelligence Research Specialist, or Intelligence Analysts. Intelligence Analysts are employed by the FBI, Secret Service, DEA, NCIS and Homeland Security, as well as local and state police departments. It is an interesting career for young people who are interested in work done by Abby and Special Agent Tim McGee, in their roles on the popular CBS TV show NCIS. Intelligence Analysts have the satisfaction of making a difference in the pursuit of justice, without having to carry a gun and make arrests.
In the case of Oral Stuart, Jr., NCIS is asking the public for help in identifying the person behind his murder. We hope they find justice for the family.
Be Blessed, Diane and David Munson