What’s Wrong with this Picture?

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What's wrong with this picture? Some would say the above creche can’t be on Government property because it is a religious symbol. We could win a court argument about that, as the baby Jesus has been replaced by a dog. Others might argue that dogs have become some peoples’ gods, and there are statistics [...]

2017 Oct 10 NCIS Critique of “Exit Strategy”

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As you all might remember, we began writing a critique of the NCIS show in 2011, when so many of those who buy and read our suspense novels sought our opinion about the authenticity of the show. Since part of David’s twenty-seven-year career as a Federal Agent was with what is now known as NCIS [...]

Mid-Summer Update

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Much has happened in American foreign policy during the latter years of the Obama Administration and the transition into the Trump Administration. Recently, President Trump rolled back some of the regulations that President Obama had loosened for the Communist government in Cuba, just ninety miles from Key West, Florida. TheMiami Herald ran a story revealing [...]

2017 May 16 NCIS Critique of “Rendezvous”

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It happens every year about this time, so we’ve come to expect it. The NCIS’ seasonal finales have been ending with a “to be continued” cliffhanger, and it happened again tonight. Each year the finale scene is a dramatic explosion or gunfight and we have to wait until the autumn season premiere to see if [...]

2017 Apr 25 ’48 Hours:NCIS’

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Tonight, CBS televised their first of six episodes of ’48 Hours: NCIS where they will feature reviews of real NCIS cases. As we watched the show we found it to be much more like a documentary with police officers and NCIS agents describing a case and telling of the outcome. In the featured murder case, [...]

CBS Announces Mini-Series on real NCIS cases.

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Often we write about how things are really done within the NCIS. That’s because television productions are mostly created from whole cloth, just for our entertainment. Here’s a chance to learn about the real thing. Beginning this Tuesday night, April 25th, CBS will begin a mini-series in which real NCIS cases are explored. Rocky Carroll, [...]

2017 Apr 18 NCIS Critique of “One Book, Two Covers”

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Undercover cases don’t make usually good episodes because in real life the undercover operations last long term and don’t fit well into the forty minutes plus commercials of the average episode. In tonight’s episode, One Book, Two Covers, writer David J. North used a flashback to weave one of Agent Torres’ undercover cases to spin [...]