What’s Wrong with this Picture?

What's wrong with this picture? Some would say the above creche can’t be on Government property because it is a religious symbol. We could win a court argument about that, as the baby Jesus has been replaced by a dog. Others might argue that dogs have become some peoples’ gods, and there are statistics [...]

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How Not To Set Your Car Afire!

NEVER DO THIS!!! You’ve heard it said, “She’s more than just a pretty face.” Well, the Two ExFeds New Wrap is more than just an NCIS blog. Because we write Christian suspense novels, we might occasionally mention our book, but we will also comment on new items of interest or matters of law and justice [...]

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The Winner Is….

We announced that when 100 persons signed up to receive our NCIS critiques mailed directly to their in-box, we'd draw an email address and award that person an official NCIS cap. We are delighted to announce that the address drawn belongs to Susan of Fresno, California. Congratulations, Susan. Your new cap was shipped today. This [...]

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Free eBook offer

For those of our friends who want to get a free Kindle version of "Night Flight", it is available on Amazon for the next three days (Nov 25-27). If you don't have a Kindle reader, you can read this copy on your personal computer by downloading Amazon's Ap for the Kindle reader for PCs. Please [...]

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Free copy of Night Flight or Confirming Justice, with purchase of another.

Just in time for Christmas, a free thriller from Diane and David Munson. We’ve notified many of you of opportunities to get a free digital eBook version of “Night Flight,” as they’ve been available on Amazon. Now we are making a free print version of “Night Flight” or “Confirming Justice” available from our website at [...]

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Forty free books on Book Club Network

We don't always write about NCIS. Sometimes we notify our friends about issues of safety, other time about opportunities for good reading or free books. We've told you in the past about the Book Club Network. The Book Club Network is now publishing a new free on-line magazine. In this month's issue, they are giving [...]

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NCIS Trivia

Because there’s no broadcast of NCIS tonight, (perhaps due to the networks showing the debate between the two presidential hopefuls), we thought we’d share some fun NCIS trivia. Mark Harmon fans will be interested to know Mark recently received his own star on the Walk of Fame. Pauley Perrette and others from the show were [...]

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