Did Tony receive a special Valentine’s gift as he faced off with his former girlfriend, or did he receive something else, like insight into his lonely life? Because David served as a Special Agent with NCIS, friends asked us last night if the latest episode was realistic. Here is David’s brief take: In real life, a supervisory agent such as Gibbs would never have ordered a Special Agent such as Tony to be a liaison with his former fiancée Wendy, who is now a reporter. So why did Gibbs toss Tony into the Lion’s Den?
Let’s look at the evidence. Vance asked Gibbs if he was playing Cupid. Being typical Gibbs, he merely grinned and the show took off from there. We do not discover the answer until the final few minutes. In the meantime, we are treated to a complex plot involving two “super heroes” gunned down in a florist shop, one being a Naval Captain wearing a secret uniform. We laughed when Abby dressed up in a kitty mask and cape, clearly carving out her role as “Cat Woman”. Go Abby. Another lighter moment occurred when Tony asked Ducky, “Is that what I think it is, Duckman?” To Diane, she could hear the old TV character Robin asking that of Batman.
Gibbs acted perturbed at having these cartoonish super heroes roaming the streets, but in the end he seemed to approve of the heroes trying to prevent crimes whereas Gibbs and his team investigate murder and mayhem after the fact. When Ziva, McGee, and Abby accuse Tony of being pensive around his former flame, he will only admit that he is confused. All of the personal banter overshadowed the criminal case. About halfway through the show, we concluded it was ICU’s Dad, although we guessed the wrong reason because the writers kept his slum leasing a secret until the case had been solved.
When Wendy admits to Tony that she lied about why she invited him for Christmas brunch, he demands to know why she broke up with him in the first place. Well, she wasn’t ready to marry “The One” so she left her “super hero cop to marry a stockbroker who cared more about money than people”. Turns out, she claims she is ready, but then leaves without finding out if she is Tony’s Valentine.
Our opinion? Forgive her, Tony, and then run! She left you the night before your wedding (who knew?), marries a jerk, has a son, gets a divorce, and then after 9 years, invites you to Christmas brunch with NO apology then or now. Then she gets in your face about why you don’t want to work with her on a murder investigation. Nope, you can do much better. Look no further than your good friend Ziva. David is convinced the writers will never put Tony in a permanent relationship so long as they can tease us with the idea of Tony + Ziva = Tiva. Okay, perhaps Wendy is a vehicle for Tony to learn why he dates as Ducky says, the “wrong women”. Ducky cut right to the chase when he observed that Gibbs marries the wrong women after Shannon’s death, making sure he’ll always be alone. Tony is following in his footsteps albeit for other sad reasons.
Did you enjoy your Super Heroes last night? Who rose to the top, Gibbs, Tony, McGee, Ziva, or Abby? We’d like to know your thoughts. For fun, if you haven’t seen this, here’s a link to a video comparing David with Mark Harmon, who brilliantly plays Leroy Jethro Gibbs. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8pP20D0BOMg
Be Blessed,
Diane and David