“Newborn King” is a wonderful title to herald in the Christmas season. This latest show contained many references to the birth of Christ, without showing the Nativity directly. Did you like the show? We enjoyed it immensely. David chuckled at the initial comment by the hotel clerk when the Navy Commander came looking for a room: “We have no room in the Inn.” Sound familiar?
The plot about Russians trying to chase down the soon-to-be born infant was similar to King Herod trying to find Jesus and kill him. Tony calling Palmer “Tiny Jim” was a hoot. Plus, Palmer’s future father-in-law made for a crusty modern-day Scrooge. The clever writing gave us lots of parallels to watch for.
Did we miss something, or did they leave a loose end? The fight between Ziva and the Russian was spectacular. Last we saw, she had the guy in a strangle hold, yet they didn’t return to Ziva after the birth of the little girl, who the Marine mother was certain was going to be a boy. That part differed from the birth of Christ, but the rest was close. The reason she had to have a girl? There is only one “Newborn King”.
The ending scene wove in complex issues of family, belonging, and how to balance life and career as an NCIS agent. Tony is searching for meaning in his life as are so many people during this time of year. When his former girlfriend sent him a card inviting him to Christmas Day brunch, he tacked that up, hoping to get feedback from Tim and Ziva. With a beautiful Christmas tree as a backdrop, Special Agents McGee and David are all smiles and encouragement. But Tony is reluctant to spend time with a woman who married and divorced someone else.
On Christmas morning, he shows up in Gibbs’ basement, looking for answers. His boss and pseudo-father, while adjusting a snazzy bike for Mike Frank’s granddaughter, offers him wise instruction when he says, “Don’t be like me. And Tony, you won’t find what you’re looking for down here.” How true. Having known a week or so before that Tony would need somewhere to be, Gibbs invites his “son” to spend Christmas with him and what is left of Franks’ family. This tender scene brought tears to Diane’s eyes.
Many of us have had times in life when our moorings slip away and we become adrift. There is an answer. The Creator of life has given us breath and a life to live. He also gave us the greatest gift ever given, the baby Jesus. This gift is ours for the taking. Hold out your hands, open your hearts, and ask the Heavenly King to bring you peace, joy, and eternal life.
Let us know what you think.
Blessings to all,
David and Diane