We don’t always write about NCIS. Sometimes we notify our friends about issues of safety, other time about opportunities for good reading or free books. We’ve told you in the past about the Book Club Network. The Book Club Network is now publishing a new free on-line magazine. In this month’s issue, they are giving away 140 books by more than 100 authors, including ours. The Signature Library Contest details can be found in the magazine. One winner will get first choice of 30 books, the next person 20, 5 people will pick 10…. it will be awesome. Just register for the magazine and you are entered… 80 pages of great articles too! Toward the end you will see the opportunity for an instant library. While you are there if you would click on our cover for “The Joshua Covenant” so we can show the magazine that we have people reading our blog. Here is the link for the magazine:

Don’t forget to watch NCIS tomorrow night, then watch for our critique.